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Dr. Ageeth Rosman

Lector Audit en Registratie, in het bijzonder in de perinatale zorg

Sinds 1 januari 2020 is Ageeth Rosman verbonden als lector aan het Kenniscentrum Zorginnovatie. Ageeth is docent bij de Masteropleiding Physician Assistant Klinische Verloskunde en verzorgt gastlessen bij de bacheloropleiding Verloskunde aan Hogeschool Rotterdam.


Van Dr. Ageeth Rosman

Contraindications for external cephalic version in breech position at term: a systematic review

Patients' and professionals' barriers and facilitators to external cephalic version for breech presentation at term, a qualitative analysis in the Netherlands

Facilitators and barriers for successful implementation of interconception care in preventive child health care services in the Netherlands

Implementation of client versus care‐provider strategies to improve external cephalic version rates: a cluster randomized controlled trial

Re: An observational study of the success and complications of 2546 external cephalic versions in low‐risk pregnancies performed by trained midwives

The usability and effectiveness of mobile health technology–based lifestyle and medical intervention apps supporting health care during pregnancy: systematic review

Implementation of the external cephalic version in breech delivery. Dutch national implementation study of external cephalic version

Influence of gestational age at initiation of antihypertensive therapy: secondary analysis of CHIPS trial data (Control of Hypertension in Pregnancy Study)

Preconceptiezorg anno 2018: nog steeds te veel gemiste kansen

Zorg voor de zwangerschap vóór de bevruchting

Mode of childbirth and neonatal outcome after external cephalic version: a prospective cohort study

Arbeid en gezond zwanger

Implementation of external cephalic version in the Netherlands: a retrospective cohort study

Decision aids to improve informed decision‐making in pregnancy care: a systematic review

Perceptions of pregnancy preparation in women with a low to intermediate educational attainment: a qualitative study

Opportunities of mHealth in preconception care: preferences and experiences of patients and health care providers and other involved professionals

Term breech deliveries in the Netherlands: did the increased cesarean rate affect neonatal outcome? A population‐based cohort study

Maan, roos, vis: ook tijdens een bevalling is taal van groot belang - Interview

The influence of counseling on the mode of breech birth: a single-center observational prospective study in The Netherlands

Facilitators and barriers to external cephalic version for breech presentation at term among health care providers in the Netherlands: a quantitative analysis

Geographical differences in perinatal health and child welfare in the Netherlands: rationale for the healthy pregnancy 4 all-2 program

Kennismodule voor verloskundige zorgverleners, werkgevers, bedrijfsartsen en arboartsen: Arbeid en Gezond zwanger - maak er werk van!

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