Pain Basics for Health Professionals

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    How can patients feel pain in a limb that doesn’t exist anymore? Why can a fake medicament be effective in pain reduction? Why is pain such a dominant phenomenon in health-care practices?

    Pain is the primary reason for which patients visit health care professionals. Pain can be a consequence of a serous disease as – for example – cancer, an operation, or a physical trauma, but can sometimes be apparent for no objective reason at all. During the last decade our knowledge about the underlying neurophysiologic processes underlying pain and the psychosocial factors that modulate the pain experience has increased substantially. Based on this knowledge we have expanded our diagnostic and therapeutic toolboxes and can we do more for patients suffering from different forms of pain. For health professionals working with patients with pain, it is of primary importance to have a profound knowledge of the basic pain science and to acquire the specific skills needed to help pain patients.

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