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Sprekers Internet of Things 2021

Komende tijd wordt deze pagina gevuld met alle sprekers van IoT 2021. Houd onze website in de gaten.

Sprekers Internet of Things 2021

Truth or Data?

Sunil Choenni

Sunil Choenni holds a PhD in database technology from the University of Twente and an MSc in theoretical computer science from the Delft University of Technology. Currently, he is heading the department of Statistical Information Management and Policy Analysis of the Research and Documentation Centre (WODC) of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice. Furthermore, he is a professor in the field of Smart and Inclusive Society at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. Prior to joining WODC, he held several teaching and research positions at different universities and research centres. His research interests include data warehouses and data mining, databases, e-government, cyber security and human centered design. He publishes frequently papers in these fields and acts as a PC member for various conferences.

Kees Dorst

Kees Dorst is Professor of Transdisciplinary Innovation at the University of Technology Sydney’s TD School.   

He is considered one of the lead thinkers developing the field of design, valued for his ability to connect a philosophical understanding of the logic of design with hands-on practice. As a bridge-builder between these two worlds, his writings on design as a way of thinking are read by both practitioners and academics. He has written several bestselling books in the field – ‘Understanding Design’ (2003, 2006), ‘Design Expertise’ (with Bryan Lawson, 2013), 'Frame Innovation' (2015) ‘Designing for the Common Good’ (2016) and ‘Notes on Design – How Creative Practice Works’ (2017). Over the years his focus has developed to the use of designerly ways of thinking outside the traditional design domains – in particular as applied to the ‘wicked’ problems of the new networked society. He has developed a set of methodologies to support these processes, experimenting with them in practice through the research centres he founded.   

He is a member of the Advisory Group for the UN Development Program, overseeing the creation of platforms around the world to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

Lija Groenewoud- van Vliet

Lija Groenewoud - van Vliet is the co-founder and creative director of In4Art, the company she established together with her husband in 2015. In her role, she combines her passions for innovation, technology, and art. 

In her role at In4Art, Lija dedicates her time to scouting talent, guiding curiosity and creating space for the kind of experimentation that drives innovation. She developed the Art-Driven Innovation method to help organisations incorporate ideas from art into socially responsible innovation. Furthermore, she acts as a co-producer and creative director in the experiments and co-productions of In4Art. Lastly, she is the curator of the In4Art Open Collection, which showcases contemporary works at the intersection of art, science and technology.  Next to that, Lija is a lecturer at the Rotterdam School of Management on responsible innovation management and member of the supervisory board of DEN: knowledge institute for culture and digitalisation. 

Jurriën Hamer

Jurriën Hamer is onderzoeker bij het Rathenau Instituut. Dit instituut houdt zich al meer dan 30 jaar bezig met onderzoek en debat over de impact van wetenschap, innovatie en technologie op de samenleving. Hij is actief binnen het thema Digitale Samenleving en werkt op het snijvlak van digitale technologie, ethiek en mensenrechten. Zo onderzoekt hij ontwikkelingen op het gebied van artificiële intelligentie, spraaktechnologie, surveillancetechnologie en offensieve cybercapaciteiten. Daarbij staat centraal hoe deze technologieën de samenleving veranderen, en wat de samenleving kan doen om die verandering in de juiste banen te leiden.  

Jurriën studeerde rechten en filosofie en promoveerde in 2017 aan de Universiteit Utrecht. Hij schreef een proefschrift over de politieke betekenis van mensenrechten en deed onderzoek aan de London School of EconomicsGovernment and LawHij publiceert in kranten zoals Trouw, de Volkskrant en De Correspondent en is medeoprichter van het filosofieblog Bij Nader Inzien. Ook modereert hij bijeenkomsten over de digitale samenleving, zoals de Privacyrede 2020. 

Miriam Rasch

Miriam Rasch is filosoof en essayist en werkt als onderzoekscoördinator bij de Willem de Kooning Academie. Ze studeerde literatuurwetenschap en filosofie en schrijft voor onder andere De Groene Amsterdammer, Eurozine en Athenaeum over nieuwe technologie, ethiek en (vertaalde) literatuur. In het voorjaar van 2020 verscheen Frictie: Ethiek in tijden van dataïsme bij De Bezige Bij, eerder publiceerde ze Zwemmen in de oceaan: Berichten uit een postdigitale wereld en de Engelstalige collectie Shadowbook: Writing Through the Digital, 2014-2018.


Annie Yang

ShengYun (Annie) Yang is Lector Digital Business at Research Centre Business Innovation, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Her research focuses on the digital transformation of companies, particularly, from the perspective of a data-driven approach and the application of artificial intelligence (AI). Her work has been published in the Decision Support Systems, European Management Journal, Financial Times, The Case Centre, and Ivey. With the ambition to fill in the gap between research and practices, she has been also actively involved in the business world. She is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and active Organization and Relationship Systems (ORSC) coach. she has helped companies and organizations to leverage resource planning, raise management efficiency, and increase brand awareness in their target markets by implementing her research findings. 



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