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Internet of Things 2018 "Humanizing IoT"

IoT objects increasingly interact and collaborate with humans, for instance, to help humans providing care, making decisions, or creating content. This requires human properties such as intelligence, creativity, and social, emotional and communication skills. This part of the IoT-programme explores questions around the humanizing IoT: which human tasks can IoT objects perform already? Which tasks should they be able to perform? How should they behave? And moreover, how human-like should IoT objects become?

Humanizing IoT: creative, intelligent and affective technology

Monday 9 April 2018 | 10.45-13.15hrs | CMI, Wijnhaven 107

IoT objects increasingly interact and collaborate with humans, for instance, to help humans providing care, making decisions, or creating content. This requires human properties such as intelligence, creativity, and social, emotional and communication skills. This part of the IoT-programme explores questions around the humanizing IoT: which human tasks can IoT objects perform already? Which tasks should they be able to perform? How should they behave? And moreover, how human-like should IoT objects become?

People Make Cities

Monday 9 April 2018 | 14.15-17.00hrs | CMI, Wijnhaven 107

IoT has a large impact on the daily life and (urban) living environment of people. In recent years it became clear that a top-down smart city implementation does not necessarily lead to an experience of happiness and well-being of people. Governments nowadays expect inhabitants to participate in urban challenges. But do people get a fair chance to do so? And are people able to join the thinking through and the building of the (digital) city?

In this part of the IoT-programme, we discuss cases and rethink how people can fruitfully take their role in (digital) city making.

Privacy & Security

Tuesday 10 April 2018 | 10.00-13.00hrs | RDM, Heijplaatstraat 23

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly. Despite of offering many economical and societal potentials and benefits, the IoT also introduces many (new) threats to the security of information systems as well as the privacy of individuals. In addition to technological solutions, addressing the threats of the IoT requires adopting policies and strategies that stimulate others to develop, deploy and use IoT devices, applications and services in secure and privacy-friendly ways. During this block, the IoT threats and how to mitigate them in practice will be discussed and reviewed.

Innovation of Things: How disruptive is IoT?

Tuesday 10 April 2018 | 14.00-17.45hrs | RDM, Heijplaatstraat 23

We’ll explore the profound and lasting changes Internet of Things brings to our daily lives, in society, in business and in culture. How do current practices reinvent themselves in an interconnected world and which radically new practices are about to develop? Will there emerge a new ecosystem that replaces existing structures? Which ruptures will result from Smart Industry? Will the future be dominated by a few central platforms or a multitude of decentralized and interoperating systems? How disruptive is the Blockchain and which applications of Artificial Intelligence will have the most influence? This part of the IoT-program doesn’t consist of only lectures and workshops; participants are invited to experience the most cutting edge developments in the labs at RDM. They engage with students, teachers and researchers of Rotterdam University of Applied Science, together with partners from industry and society design innovation, based on IoT.


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