POPLIVE! Staging Popular Music

    Researching Sustainable Live Music Ecologies for Artists, Music Venues and Cities

    POPLIVE is a large-scale research project on live music at the Erasmus University and the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, in collaboration with the VNPF and MOJO Concerts. The project is funded by the NWO as part of the Topsector Creative Industries.

    The project is focused on how local live music ecologies can contribute to value creation in the careers of pop musicians, the position of music venues and festivals, and the local (urban) society in general. What is the role of live music ecologies in skill and talent development of young artists?

    What is a healthy balance between structural and temporary live music infrastructure? What is the value of live music ecologies for cities? In the project a mixed approach is used of both extensive quantitative, and intensive qualitative information. On the level of music venues and festivals we concentrate on how to find a balance between structural and temporary live music infrastructure, which caters for diverse audiences.
    The aim of this project is to explore how the live music industry can maximise its value within the context of consumers and (urban) society. In addition we will examine how live venues and festivals can create a sustainable business proposition.

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