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Data Monetisation: A Story of Dashmote

The continuous digitization keeps the data exponentially increasing in the digital world. How can a company turn data into strategic assets? How can we monetise data? Founded in 2014, Dashmote has become a rapidly growing and globally operating Software as a Service (SaaS) company based on their applied Artificial Intelligence (AI), natural language processing and visual recognition technologies. They aimed to lead people to an A.I. and data-driven world. By better understanding the world of visual content and unlock the value behind the massive amount of online as well as offline visual content. This company represents the data monetization and shows how a business and business model can be built based on data. Moreover, its fascinating growing trajectory reveals the business development under digital transformation.

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Dashmote is a rapidly growing and globally operating Software as a Service (SaaS) company based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), natural language processing and visual recognition technologies.

Its co-founder and CEO, Dennis Tan, aims to guide people toward success in an AI and data-driven world by improving their understanding of the world of visual content and unlocking the value behind the massive amount of online and offline data. He takes a living approach to pursue his goal and has grown the company organically since its inception in 2014. By 2021, Dashmote has its footprint in more than 20 countries and doubled its annual recurring revenue. Dashmote continues to establish itself as a leading global SaaS business.

The fundamental and constant question to Dennis is how the company can further expand in a scalable way and help people and organisations through technology. This question is motivated by two underlying reasons. First, data monetisation is an endless process; Dashmote, as a company of monetising data by selling it, should continue to advance the pace and capability of untapping the potential of data.

The other reason for scale-up is to fulfil Dennis’ ambition to drive responsible AI. The scale-up would bring more positive impacts on more people and organizations. Nevertheless, how could Dashmote further grow and expand to become a driving force of responsible AI in a data-driven world?


The case is suitable for Bachelor’s and Master’s students in business information management, entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategy in general.

Since this case demonstrates a typical way of data monetisation and shows the evolvement of the business models based on selling data, it can also be used in a specific class or workshop to illustrate data monetisation.

This case aims to provide students with a better understanding of the following areas: (1) The business implications of a data-driven approach in digital transformation; (2) Data monetisation – turning data into actionable insights; and (3) The challenges of digital transformation and data-driven decision-making.

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This case is suitable for a 60-90 minutes’ regular MBA/EMBA class. For example, we have successfully used it in a global MBA class. This case can also be used for a bachelor class.

For instance, we have successfully used it in a part-time bachelor class of business insights and a regular full-time bachelor class of data-driven decision-making. A complete version of teaching case, teaching note, and interactive quiz, with additional questions, and slides are available.

Instructors are more than welcome to contact the author Dr. Shengyun (Annie) Yang via for a digital copy.



  Looptijd: Januari 2020 – oktober 2021 

 Financiering: Intern

 Lectoraat: Dr. Shengyun (Annie) Yang Digital Economy

 Thema: Digital Economy

“With the increased computing power and its potential in personal and organisational decision-making, the use of data and AI will inevitably become pervasive.”

Tennis Tan Co-founder and CEO of Dashmote


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