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International Business fulltime

  • Duration and start date

    4 years, September

  • Education type

    Voltijd Bachelor

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Are you aiming for a career in business? Do you thrive in an intercultural environment? Do you want to look beyond the borders of the Netherlands? With an International Business (IB) degree you can.

Do you know how AliExpress was able to grow so fast in just a few years’ time? Why and how businesses differentiate between regional markets? Interesting topics right? Learn how to analyse, decide and move smart in an international environment. Develop your sixth business sense with an International Business (IB) degree at Hogeschool Rotterdam Business School (HRBS).

Our International Business degree teaches you how to be an innovator, excellent communicator, and value oriented leader. Since real-world businesses face complex challenges, you will tackle multidisciplinary challenges as well. And learn how to develop data-driven decisions to back up strategies.

Learn, travel and develop

You will have the opportunity to learn a foreign trade language. One that makes a difference when working across borders. Think of French, German, Indonesian, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish or Russian. Besides the language itself, we also pay attention to cultural differences. Because you want to know that shaking hands in Japan is inappropriate before going there. Your path is all yours. So over the years you might travel to thrilling Tokyo for a collaboration and work for a company in fast-moving London. Only to move on to sunny France for a semester abroad and then write your thesis for a business in thriving Shanghai.

The goal

Over the course of four years, you will discover your strengths and possibly improve on your knowledge of commerce, logistics, change management or consultancy. After graduation, you will be ready to kick-start your international business career. Our graduates have proven to succeed in every type of business. They are successful founders, consultants, managers and innovators in both start-ups and multinationals.

This programme is part of Hogeschool Rotterdam Business School.

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International Business fulltime

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    This programme
    Nation wide

    Job opportunities

    1.5 years after obtaining degree




    Suitable work

    Programme structure

    A view of the study programme

    Vision on education

    Everyone is welcome at the study programmes of Hogeschool Rotterdam. Students and lecturers all know each other and everyone is easy to find. Lecturers work very hard at guiding the students in their studies in a way that fits the student. This demands a sense of commitment and active participation. All of us shape our education.

    Characteristic for the education of Hogeschool Rotterdam is the attention that is paid to:

    • A solid theoretical foundation for your profession
    • Working in the professional practice
    • Your own professional identity

    All these elements will be part of your study programme. Starting out the focus will be on your development and competencies, but then the professional practice will be introduced as well. You will learn to handle actual issues of the professional practice together with other students, lecturers, applied researchers, and professionals. At the start you will also receive plenty of guidance from your lecturer, but later you will work in a much more independent manner. During your studies you will learn a lot about yourself and discover your unique qualities as a professional.


    Languages and business cultures

    At Hogeschool Rotterdam Business School we think language education is an important aspect of international business. That is why we offer you the possibility to learn a foreign language next to your business courses. You can choose from a variety of options, for example: French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian or Spanish.

    Next to extensive attention to language education we also highly value teaching you about the different business cultures across the globe. You will be able to gain full expertise of the language and culture by doing an internship and/or study abroad programme in the country of the specific language.

    Year one

    The basics of global business

    We will challenge you with case studies in marketing, innovation, logistics and finance to discover the essentials of smart international business. The first year has a strong emphasis on self-discovery. What are your strengths, weaknesses and what is going to be your specialisation?

    Cultural differences heavily influence the way people do business. That is why effective English business communication makes up an important part of the first year. You will also learn the basics of a foreign trade language (French, German, Russian, Indonesian, Mandarin, Japanese or Spanish). In both your first and second year we offer elective modules that go beyond the study programme. Broaden your mind or specialise in a particular subject. 

    Year two

    What is your focus going to be?

    Time to define what kind of professional you want to become. 

    Master the tricks of international trade. With International Commerce, you could work in an intercultural setting like trade in Asia. Or become a marketing or sales professional in a global company.

    This is what you will learn:

    • How to market and sell goods and services on different markets
    • Dealing with social and cultural differences with business partners worldwide 
    • How to begin new business relationships 
    • How to develop an enterprising attitude and quickly adapt to different circumstances 
    • Significant trade languages

    Learn how Amazon is able to deliver so fast, almost anywhere in the world. Only to create an even better supply chain for the company you will work for.

    This is what you will learn:

    • How a supply chain works, from raw material to consumer goods
    • How to manage a flow of goods and services 
    • What makes an effective and efficient supply chain 
    • What the best practices are in transportation, urban distribution, warehouses and ports

    Be the change. As a manager in an international company, your influence can stretch beyond borders. It’s your responsibility to set goals and motivate people to realise them.

    This is what you will learn:

    • International marketing, operations, finance, economics and change management 
    • How to map the interests of a company or organisation 
    • How to create strategic goals and plans from those interests

    Years three and four

    Time to make it happen

    Dive deeper into specific interests and put your learnings to work. In the third and fourth year you gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills with at least one semester abroad. This could be an internship or an exchange programme at one of our partner universities around the world. You graduate after successful final assessments and a graduation assignment where you demonstrate your research skills. 

    Put your training into practice with a six-month internship at an international company. Stay in the Netherlands or go abroad. Go for a large multinational or a medium-sized enterprise. It’s your call.

    During an internship abroad, you will learn a lot from international business professionals. But it’s not just work. Find out how your perspectives differ and challenge the way you (and they) look at the world.

    The minor is a programme in which you focus on a theme relevant for your future career. This could for example be digital marketing, entrepreneurship, circular economy or one of the many other options.

    Check the descriptions of some minors

    By focusing in-depth on one specific aspect of your profession or by broadening your horizon through examining terrains bordering your own profession, you can significantly improve your chances on the labour market after graduation.

    In the International Business programme you can either choose to do your minor at Hogeschool Rotterdam or to spread your wings and take part in an exchange programme at one of our partner universities across the globe.

    The International Business degree concludes with a graduation assignment combining all of your training and practical experience.

    Your practical research skills are put to the test in your graduation assignment. You will have to come up with innovative solutions to help a company of your choice solve a real-world management challenge.

    This could be a marketing entry strategy for Brazil with a focus on digital, a plan for the logistics of a Chinese start-up or improving sustainability management for a company in Germany. 


    Student support


    Every student is unique and has his own ideas about what he wants to achieve during his studies. We will support you by making you aware of your abilities, opportunities and challenges. Sometimes, during or even before the start of your study programme it becomes clear that you are struggling with a particular subject. It will be useful to brush up your knowledge in that area. As a student you will be assigned a coach (a lecturer) who will guide you and who will monitor your progress. It is also possible to ask for a peer coach, a senior student who trains younger year students.

    Studying with a disability

    If you have a disability and therefore require some extra facilities, we offer various options (information in Dutch).

    Fast track

    Your degree in three years

    In addition to the regular 4-year Bachelor programme, we also offer a fast-track three-year version for students who have completed Dutch senior secondary education (vwo), the International Baccalaureate or equivalent.

    After your graduation

    A world of possibilities

    After your graduation

    After completion of your studies, you will receive your Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. You will also receive a diploma supplement with a DS-label. With this English document you can show the value of your degree abroad when you apply for further study or when you look for a job.

    If you participate in the honours programme, you will also receive an honours degree.

    Career opportunities

    International Business graduates are competent in intercultural leadership, critical thinking, and intercultural sensitivity, in executing international projects while working in groups, and conducting business research. They can easily adapt to the fast changing job market requirements. IB professionals in small and medium-sized companies are often generalists with a wide range of duties, often in an international context. In larger, internationally operating companies or multinationals, they generally have a more specialist role.

    Our graduates work in various industries on a general management level, or in business areas such as (digital) marketing, sales, financial services or logistics management.

    Continue your studies

    Many students start working after finishing their bachelor studies. However you may also choose to continue your studies at Master level. For example: 

    Current labour market

    Source: national figures HBO-Monitor 2018


    Where will you study?

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