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Europe cannot afford to waste talent

In recent years, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has invested in the innovation of education in various ways. One of the partnerships is a European project, within the framework of Erasmus+, named CoTalent and subtitle ‘Europe cannot afford to waste talent.’ Collaboration takes place with higher education institutions from Denmark, Germany, Austria, Romania, and Belgium.

The project focusses on developing tools for institutions where in co-creation with lecturers and students education is set up and further developed that is specifically aimed at talent development.

The tools are freely available at

There are tools with which lecturers can:
-question their own views (MeMirror) on talent development;
-question their students (YouSpotter) on talent development;
-access numerous videos that specifically mention aspects of talent development (E-Library).

The project started in September 2017 with an end date of August 2020, which has been extended to December 2020 due to the effects of the coronavirus. From the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the following people are involved in the project: Sylvia Erlings, Kitt Bosman, Nico Musebrink (Leisure Management student), Amy Hill (Willem de Kooning student) and Ron Weerheijm.

Contact Person for RUAS is: Ron Weerheijm (Education and Development)


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