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Leander Ernst

Lecturer Transitions, PhD candidate, management River Delta Development

My primary driving forces in my work are to help create a more sustainable society and to transfer knowledge. I take pride and joy in working with students: doing research, creating sustainable solutions for companies and governments and helping students on their way to become full-grown professionals.

"Helping students to make highly complex societal challenges comprehensible by using insights from transition theory."

I started out in 1999 by consulting businesses and governmental organizations in Urban Water Management. In 2008 I became a part-time lecturer at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences where I have developed the Bachelor Water Management. Now I am full-time lecturer and researcher. In 2018 I have developed the Master River Delta Development where I am now part of the management team.

"It’s really fulfilling to come up with innovative solutions for actual problems. It’s absolutely thrilling if you are able to do that by combining practical research, theoretical insights and raw creativity. That’s what I aim for in living labs."


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