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Application procedure

How to apply?

The River Delta Development Master’s programme is a joint degree offered by three universities of applied sciences.

You can apply for this programme through Studielink. The application procedure is processed by HZ University of Applied Sciences, so please select this university of applied sciences within Studielink to enroll for the River Delta Development programme. 

Please note that a letter of motivation and an intake interview with the admission committee are also part of the selection procedure. The HZ student office will inform you about this when we receive your application. If your letter of motivation and intake interview are both positively assessed, you will be sent confirmation of your admission. You can use this to request any grants you will need. 

Letter of motivation and intake interview

We select students based on several criteria. These should be addressed in your (English) letter of motivation of ± 750 words:

  • your interest in and knowledge of river deltas and your goals for the master’s programme;
  • your capacity for self-reflection on your current knowledge and skills;
  • your capacity for becoming a facilitator of change - demonstrate your willingness to apply change, innovation and creativity in complex processes.

The intake interview will be about the goals you have set yourself based on your background, and your interest in and knowledge of river deltas. Also we expect you to give an elevator pitch about a river delta case. The intake interview will be in English, so we can assess your proficiency in English.