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Master in Consultancy and Entrepreneurship fulltime

  • Duration and start date

    1 year, September and February

  • Education type

    Voltijd Master

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Through the one-year Master in Consultancy and Entrepreneurship you will achieve a deep understanding of enterprises and learn how to effectively advise clients or lead your own business.

Through this intensive one-year programme you will achieve a deep understanding of enterprises, learn how to lead your own business and how to effectively advise clients in order to make them more successful in their business. By either writing a business plan to start-up your own company or working on a real-life business case to improve the performance of your client’s business, you will be offered a hands-on learning experience which really prepares you for your future career.

 The programme consists of two tracks: one focuses on the consultancy profession and one focuses on entrepreneurship. In either of these two tracks you will gain all the specialised knowledge necessary to become successful in your area of choice. You will be trained to be a business professional understanding corporate social responsibility and ready for working in the ever-changing international business environment. After finishing the Master in Consultancy & Entrepreneurship you will have a sharp business acumen and understanding of business dynamics to balance business risks and business opportunities while achieving “win-win” solutions either as a consultant or as an entrepreneur.

This programme is part of Hogeschool Rotterdam Business School.

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Master in Consultancy and Entrepreneurship fulltime

    Programme structure

    A view of the study programme

    Three pillars

    Hogeschool Rotterdam Business School's Master programmes are built on three pillars:

    • The general and specialised modules provides you with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies of a professional in international business.
    • Research is the focus of the final stage of our programmes. You will complete your studies with the graduation assignment, which should revolve around a project executed for an existing organisation.
    • Personal development is encouraged through a system that invites you to set your own particular study goals - and continually test those choices.

    Study Programme

    The curriculum of the Master Consultancy and Entrepreneurship consists of a number of specialisation courses, master classes and a number of general courses supporting all RBS master students. This ensures a balance between knowledge and skills that is in keeping with the professional work field.


    The specialisation courses are structured according to Milestones that need to be achieved. After an introduction period you choose your main subject in either consultancy or entrepreneurship. 

    The consultancy learning completes with a business case for a real life customer. The milestones are:

    1. Get your first customer
    2. Issue analysis
    3. Proposal
    4. The Business Case ready for Customer’s approval

    The entrepreneurship learning stream completes with business plan. The milestones are:

    1. Get your business idea and your first potential customer
    2. Opportunity analysis
    3. Proposal
    4. Business Plan ready for venture capitalist funding

    This way of teaching not only makes the programme unique, but also shows the typically Rotterdam"roll up your sleeves and get cracking" mentality.

    Expert Staff

    Our lecturers are a reflection of the international classroom. You will be taught by a multinational mix of experts in the field of Consultancy and Entrepreneurship. Our lecturers have years of professional experience in multinational organisations and hold at least one Masters or Doctoral degree. This combination of academic knowledge and practical experience provides you with the benefit of seeing how theory is applied in practice.


    An indication of the subjects you can expect

    After your study programme

    Different possibilities

    After your graduation

    Congratulations! You just finished your Master in Consultancy and Entrepreneurship and will receive the title Master of Science (MSc).

    This programme is fully accredited by 60 credits in the ECTS System Accreditation (European Credit Transfer System) accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

    With your degree, you will receive a supplement, a DS-label. With this document, you can show the value of your degree abroad when applying for other study programmes or when applying for a job.

    Future perspectives

    Master in Consultancy and Entrepreneurship Graduates perform successfully as management consultant or entrepreneur:

    • As a Management consultant you help organisations to improve their performance and increase their success. You deeply understand the client in their business environment, are capable of managing change processes and facilitating strategy building and evaluation.
    • As an Independent entrepreneur you take initiative in setting up or leading a business. You are able to transform ambitious but realistic strategies and long-term goals to the operational core. The alertness of the entrepreneur leads to recognising opportunities waiting to be seized.



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