Vulnerable pregnant women in antenatal practice: caregiver's perception of workload, associated burden and agreement with objective caseload, and the influence of a structured organization of antenatal risk management

    Publicatie van Kenniscentrum Zorginnovatie

    A.A. Venekamp, M.P. Lambregtse - Berg,van den, G.J. Bonsel, N. Groot,de, H.W. Torij | Artikel | Publicatiedatum: 03 juli 2016
    Pregnancy care for vulnerable women is often perceived as a burden by caregivers as vulnerable clients require complex case management, additional time, and more often show adverse perinatal outcomes. Vulnerable clients bring about additional work strain for the caregiver, especially when the workload is high. We define client vulnerability as coexistence of psychopathology, psychosocial problems or substance use, together with features of deprivation. We investigated, as part of a national program, whether the subjective caregiver’s perception of workload and the objective registry-based caseload of vulnerable clients are in agreement, and whether a structured organization of antenatal risk management reduces the burden associated with the perceived workload, in particular if the objective caseload is high.

    Auteur(s) - verbonden aan Hogeschool Rotterdam

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