The Internet of Things in a smart society: how government policy can help seize opportunities and mitigate threats

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    R. Pool, J. Berkel,van, S. Braak,van den, M. Harbers, M.S. Bargh | Boekdeel | Publicatiedatum: 07 maart 2020
    The IoT is a revolutionary development for both society and governments. In this chapter opportunities and threats of the IoT are discussed. Linking technological, societal, economic, and policy-oriented aspects of the IoT, this chapter introduces a conceptual framework to map and analyze the factors or obstacles that arise in addressing IoT opportunities and threats, and possible government measures to mitigate these factors. By adopting a broad view and paying attention to the relations between different factors, this chapter shows that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for IoT-related issues, as different problems and solutions are interdependent and require a coherent government approach.

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