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Andres Colmenares

Designing for responsible AI: a case for imagining intercitizenships

Keynote | Designing for responsible AI: a case for imagining intercitizenships
11.15 - 12.00 @ VONK

Humanity is experiencing multiple crises with a common denominator: an existential crisis of imagination. In particular, our sociological imagination – the ability to see the context which shapes the decisions made by corporations, governments and fellow citizens, as well as our very own individual decision making– is under threat.

In this presentation, we will look into how this complex situation is demanding designers and other creative professionals with non-technical backgrounds working in the digital economy, to apply a critical design attitude and a transversal set of capabilities and mindsets to collectively learn (and imagine) how to transform principles (ways of thinking) such as transparency, justice and fairness, responsibility or solidarity into action (ways of doing) to assess and mitigate the risks of using Artificial Intelligence systems (and automation) across public and private sectors, while fostering alternative narratives about the power dynamics of socio-technical systems and their socio-ecological implications in relation to the environmental emergency that we are facing.

Who is Andres Colmenares?

Andres Colmenares (CO/ES) is the co-founder of IAM, the creative research lab helping citizens and organisations to anticipate, understand and address the socioecological challenges and opportunities emerging from the coevolution of digital technologies and internet cultures.

He is also co-director of the Billion Seconds Institute, director of a new Master in Design for Responsible Artificial Intelligence systems at ELISAVA, and more recently appointed as coordinator of Open Climate, a collective of leaders in the open movement dedicated to exploring the intersection between open practices and the climate crisis. He is also developing slow research on solar-centered designing.

As a strategist and creative foresight consultant he has developed projects and partnerships with organisations as Mobile World Capital Foundation, Open Knowledge Foundation, University of Arts London, Tate, Red Bull, SPACE10, WeTransfer and BBC, using futures as tools to help organisations grow their cultural relevance by designing alternative learning experiences, tools and programs.

In 2022 he joined Ars Electronica as a jury member for the STARTS Prize, an award created by the European Commission to honour Innovation in Technology, Industry and Society stimulated by the Arts. He also has contributed opinion articles and short fictions for publications as CRACK Magazine, Branch Magazine, The Site Magazine or LS:N Global and has been invited as guest lecturer and course leader at institutions such as Institute for Advanced Architecture (ES) of Catalonia, Merz Akademie (DE) and Berghs School of Communication (SE).

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