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The White T-Shirt Project

ADO LES Scents by Hyun Yeu

Result & Research Presentation of 3 days workshop with fashion designer Hyun Yeu of ADO LES SCENTS.

Question asked

Create a t-shirt that shows the identity of individual students by researching forms and details.


A three days workshop: Day 1 : research - Deconstructing existing large size t-shirts and reconstructing it in a shape that fits the identity of the students - Researching garment making technics that fits the identity of the students (prints, pattern play, appliqué, patchwork, over sizing, painting etc.) Day 2 : making & visualizing Day3 : fine-tuning and photo shoot.


An exposition during the fourth edition of the winterSALON in Amsterdam.


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Aan dit project werkten mee

Monique van der Salm

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