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EVA - enhanced vision for (smartphone) addicts

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Are you experiencing sudden blindness when you use your smartphone in public? Not anymore! EVA enables you to see in front of you while you are using your smartphone. Never again do you have to look away from your screen. Harvest your "likes" and "thumbs ups" all day long.


EVA is my 3rd year PLE (Personal Learning Environment) project. It's all about making a statement towards the so-called "smartphone zombies". I created an Android app that will feed their addiction and allow them to spend the entire day on their phone (without getting hit by trucks).


Er wordt eerst een creatief proces doorlopen waarna het ontwikkelen en testen start. Het testen met gebruikers levert weer nieuwe gegevens op om de app steeds beter te maken en functies te kunnen toevoegen.


The app creates a transparent camera layer on top of all other apps on the phone. This enables you to see in front of you while you are looking at your screen. It's simple, but effective. I also made a mirror that can be attached to your phone. This mirror allows you to look in front of you while your phone is facing downwards.

You can download my app for free in the Google Play Store. You can find my app by searching for my developer name: ikbenken


  • Creative Media and Game Technologies




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