Next Strategy

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    H.A. Klink,van | Boek | Publicatiedatum: 02 november 2017

    How SMEs can grow into the future

    According to some, developing a strategy results in producing a paper report, that does not ft the nature of SMEs. They are used to adapting pragmatically to changes. However, shifts in the economy and society are now so great that neither plans nor pragmatism is suffcient to survive. Many SMEs show limited growth and they are not in touch with new developments. Disruption is looming with a potential negative impact on both employment and welfare, as SMEs are a substantial part of the economy. Traditional concepts and models for strategic management do not apply to SMEs. What are the alternatives that will stimulate strategy among SMEs? This is the central question for the lectorate Next Strategy at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The lectorate will stimulate applied research with lecturers and students together with entrepreneurs and managers.

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