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Exploring physical and mental determinants of drop-out among nursing students in Rotterdam, the Netherlands: baseline characteristics of the first SPRiNG cohort - poster

Publicatie van Kenniscentrum Zorginnovatie
P.D.D.M. Roelofs, | Andersoortig materiaal | Publicatiedatum: 30 juni 2016
Drop-out from the nursing profession is increasing, while at the same time the healthcare job market is rapidly expanding. Research on retaining nurses from the start of their career is scarce. The overall aim of the SPRiNG project is to develop a targeted program addressing the resilience of new graduate nurses for their mental and physical workload. This poster focuses on the baseline characteristics of the first SPRiNG cohort and provides insight into the prevalence of first signs of health problems and productivity loss, as possible determinants for drop-out of nursing students.


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