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Current Perspectives on the Internet of Things

Summary of keynotes IoT Days Rotterdam 2017 and 2018

In 2017 and 2018, the 6th and 7th editions of the International Internet of Things Day Rotterdam were hosted by Creating 010, a Research Centre of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Some years ago, when the very first edition of this event was held, the IoT was still a relatively new phenomenon. This is clearly no longer the case, though the promised scenario of humans and things seamlessly connected through intelligent networks is still very much under development. On the topic of intelligence, one of the main focal points of the current discussion regarding digital innovation is in fact artificial intelligence, which is also a recurring theme within this publication. Still, Creating 010 has deliberately chosen throughout recent years to maintain this ‘internet of things’ designation, despite the many new phenomena that have emerged and peaked in much-discussed hype cycles. We believe that the concept of the IoT still serves as a useful catch-all phrase for the wide variety of digital innovations involved, and that we as a Research Centre focusing on digital transformations can continue to meaningfully give shape to this concept.

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