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Video impressie Internet of Things 2016

29 april 2016

At April 8 and 9 2016, 130 people from the industry, government and universities attended the International Internet of Things Days in Rotterdam, organised by Research Center Creating 010 together with the School of Communication, Media and Information Technology (CMI) and Willem de Kooning Academy (WDK) from University of Applied Sciences.

Visitors participated in workshops to explore the impact of IoT on retail, social issues, privacy, predictive analysis big data, and city making. Keynote speakers addressed the importance of citizen engagement, inclusive design and critical reflection to avoid dystopian future smart cities. Together with co-organisers a 24-hour Climate Hackathon took place focusing on the issues of city climate and mobility. Ever since the first edition in 2013, IoT developments appear to gain the interest of a fast growing group of people that are concerned with its impact on all domains in society. The organisers from Creating 010 are happy that the IoT Days help to raise attention for IoT in and outside the creative industry.

Internet of Things - Reportage 2016 from creating 010 on Vimeo.


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