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Creative project at a rehabilitation center for elderly people: resulting in an innovative marketing strategy, based on story telling.

Question asked

The Innovation Lab ‘Healthcare, Smarter, Better’ studies the impact of healthcare decentralizing in the Netherlands. In line with these developments, a rehabilitation center for elderly people wanted to expand its services and ‘sell’ its expertise. In this Innovation-lab, a multidisciplinary group of students explored the possibilities to deliver rehab facilities at home.


The main goal of this Innovation Lab was to design an innovative and creative intervention. This intervention was based on a literature- and user research. To stimulate the innovative mind, participation in creative activities was needed. The group of students existed of nine students, which share seven different disciplines. The knowledge of each discipline had been used. To succeed, the rehabilitation center and the students had an intensive collaboration.


The result is an innovative marketing strategy based on storytelling. It’s called ‘the Fruitful Tree’, which exists of five products these were developed and pre-tested to collect narratives: 1 Board game to engage rehabilitating people telling stories (the roots of the tree) 2 Large tree on which people can write compliments (leaves) 3 Listening post to collect tips for improvement (compost) 4 Photo exposition to share stories (tree seeds spread by the wind) 5 Script for promotion film (tree seeds spread by the wind) It was a mindset changing experience for the client and the students.

Study programme(s)

  • Fysiotherapie
  • Technische Bedrijfskunde
  • Gezondheidszorgtechnologie




Mimouna Abeddar, Roos Alblas, Renée Balsters, Eva van Diem, Chrystal Huberts, R. Kloppers, Sebanja Manikus, Lianne Meulstee, Leroy Themen


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