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VIBE – A new Vision on International and Business

RUAS, UEF, Meiji University & JFOU

Student and staff exchange project between EU and Japan.

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VIBE is a student and staff exchange project between four partners: Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS), University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Meiji University and J.F. Oberlin University (JFOU). Two of these universities are in Europe: RUAS in the Netherlands and UEF in Finland. JFOU and Meiji are situated in Japan. The project runs from October 2014 to September 2017. The main objective of this project is to create an international classroom through a new exchange programme. This will result in a new vision on international business-related education.


During the spring semesters 2015 and 2016 the European students study in Japan. In the autumn semesters of 2015 and 2016 the Japanese students study in Europe. At all four universities the students will study in a mixed group of local and exchange students to enhance integration. They will also work on a real-life project from a local company looking to expand into the international market. The staff visits the students during their exchange to develop and monitor the exchange programme by and sharing knowledge with the faculty members in the other countries.


Halfway through the project we have successfully completed the first round of student and staff exchanges. Students have given positive feedback on studying in mixed groups during their exchange. It has been a good opportunity for both staff and students to get hands-on experience on the joys and struggles of international cooperation. The four study programmes have come closer together and have learned from each others' teaching methods. The project is Co-funded by the Bilateral Cooperation programme of the European Union.

Study programme(s)

  • Trade Management gericht op Azië




K.J. Kaunismaa

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