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The Ultimate China Connection

Municipality of Pernis

Investigation for the Municipality of Pernis into the possibility of establishing partnership with the Chinese city of Maoming.

Question asked

During the research TMA student Tjun Kit Wan was able to answer the following questions: - how is the civil administration of both Pernis and Maoming organised? -what are the demgraphic, economic, social, cultural, technological and ecological developments in both cities? - in what ways could both cities work together? -what are the predicted costs associated with such a partnership?


The research was conducted with the help of various research methods that the student had learned during the Trade Management aimed at Asia programme at the Rotterdam Business School. Seeing as the student spoke fluent Cantonese he was easily able to contact the various Chinese institutions by phone and e-mail.


The end report enabled the district council to get a clear idea of what a partnership between these two cities would involve and wich steps would need to be taken in order to actually consider the city of Maoming as a partner. In addition the report provided practical advice from other municipalities in the Netherlands, so that future problem areas could be avoided.

Study programme(s)

  • Trade Management gericht op AziĆ«




Tjun Kit Wan

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