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Rotator CUFF disorders: a survey of current physiotherapy practice in Belgium and the Netherlands

Publicatie van Kenniscentrum Zorginnovatie
L.P. Voogt, | Artikel | Publicatiedatum: 17 juni 2019
Background Disorders of the rotator cuff are a common musculoskeletal pain presentation in the general population, and treatment by a physiotherapist is often prescribed. In 2011, 2016, surveys of physiotherapy practice in the United Kingdom (UK) were performed, which reported that advice and exercise were the most common treatment strategies used. The aim of this current survey was to examine current physiotherapy practice in Belgium and The Netherlands, with consideration of differences between physiotherapists who were members of a shoulder network and physiotherapists who were not. Methods During February/March 2018, a cross-sectional online survey was conducted in Belgium and The Netherlands. Results 505 physiotherapists completed the survey. Advice (n = 362/505), isotonic exercises (n = 302/505) and scapular stabilisation exercises (n = 359/505) were the most common treatment modalities for patients with rotator cuff disorders. Physiotherapists not part of a shoulder network group more commonly integrated mobilization (n = 66/254 SN, n = 125/251 N-SN), electrotherapy (n = 1/254 SN, n = 19/251 N-SN) and massage (n = 48/254 SN, n = 89/251 N-SN) compared to those who were member of the group. Conclusion Advice and exercise were the most common treatment prescriptions, which aligns with recommendations from current research evidence. Practice differs between physiotherapists involved with a shoulder network group compared to those who are not. **Postprint archived**


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