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Focus on autonomy: using ‘skills for growing up’ in pediatric rehabilitation care

Publicatie van Kenniscentrum Zorginnovatie
S.R. Hilberink, | Artikel | Publicatiedatum: 09 mei 2020
PURPOSE: Youth with disabilities face challenges regarding achieving autonomy. The ‘Skills for Growing Up’ tool was adapted for use in Dutch pediatric rehabilitation (SGU-D) to support development of autonomy. This study presents the experiences with the SGU-D tool. METHODS: The SGU-D was implemented in 18 settings, of which 4 participated in the evaluation. Rehabilitation professionals were trained in the use of the SGU-D. In a qualitative study, participants were interviewed for their opinions regarding the tool. RESULTS: Experience with the SGU-D was evaluated in 11 youth with disabilities, 11 parents and 8 rehabilitation professionals. They perceived the SGU-D as a helpful tool: i) to support development of autonomy, ii) to focus on future perspectives, and iii) to facilitate communication with family and rehabilitation professionals. Additional support from rehabilitation professionals on using the SGU-D was appreciated. CONCLUSION: Youth with disabilities, their parents and rehabilitation professionals value the SGU-D as a practical tool for working on autonomy, and to identify important areas of development.


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