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Development of city logistics maturity model for municipality performance measurement

Publicatie van CoE HRTech
N.R. Anand, K. Mittelmeijer, T. Motloung, J.H.R. Duin,van, H. Quak | Conferentiebijdrage | Publicatiedatum: 10 maart 2022
Uit: M. Kraan, S. Weijers, & B. Vannieuwenhuyse (Eds.), Bijdragen Vervoerslogistieke Werkdagen 2022 (pp. 353-371). University Press Zelzate Municipalities play an important role in tackling city logistics related matters, having many instruments at hand. However, it is not self-evident that all municipalities use these instruments to their full potential. A method to measure city logistics performance of municipalities can help in creating awareness and guidance, to ultimately lead to a more sustainable environment for inhabitants and businesses. Subsequently, this research is focused on a maturity model as a tool to assess the maturity level of a municipality for its performance related city logistics process management. Various criteria for measuring city logistics performance are studied and based on that the model is populated through three focus fields (Technical, Social and Corporate, and Policy), branching out into six areas of development: Information and communication technology, urban logistics planning, Stakeholder communication, Public Private Partnerships, Subsidisation and incentivisation, and Regulations. The CL3M model was tested for three municipalities, namely, municipality of Utrecht, Den Bosch and Groningen. Through these maturity assessments it became evident the model required specificity complementary to the existing assessment interview, and thus a SWOT analysis should be added as a conclusion during the maturity assessment.

Auteur(s) - verbonden aan Hogeschool Rotterdam

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