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Developing open and distributed tools for Fablab project documentation

Publicatie van Kenniscentrum Creating 010
Anu Määttä, P. Troxler | Artikel | Publicatiedatum: 30 juni 2011
Fablab project / HOWTO documentation sharing has not had a major focus on Fablab network development so far. To this end, a series of "platform" workshops and calls have been taking place as of August 2010, covering topics from (online) community development in general to formalizing project descriptions in order to accommodate different web platforms used in the distributed Fablab network (initial proposal for open hardware information interchange format - FabML) The goal of the proposed talk is threefold: 1) To demonstrate the checking in & checking out concept for documenting Fablab projects on Drupal platform as part of the lab visit developed at ProtoSpace (Fablab Utrecht, NL) and use of Wordpress as documentation tool 2) To demonstrate project documentation aggregation from Fablabs using different open source content management systems used within the network (Drupal, Wordpress, Mediawiki being main ones currently in use), and first practical experiments with aggregation and FabML. 3) in the context of the Open Knowledge conference, opening a discussion on open documentation formats for open source hardware documentation.

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