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Lecture Digital Sustainability & Responsibility

With the state of emergency declared on Global Warming, we are acknowledging our responsibilities on solving problems created during the transformation process in the Industrial Age. Limiting fossil fuels, sustainable manufacturing and ecological transportation are high on the agenda for every country committed to building a better life for the future.

However our generation has also contributed to Global Warming by failing to address our collective ignorance on the infrastructure of Cloud-based Internet. Do you know that every time you check your spelling via Google Search, you are polluting? The Cloud is one of the greatest marketing metaphors ever created, leaving us to believe that the amount of data storage is unlimited. How did this happen? Where our transition to online education has resulted in less emissions via transportation, is it the better option for the future? As we are dealing with the impact the Industrial Age has had on our planet, how do we deal with the impact we create?

Mick Jongeling

Mick Jongeling joined the HRBS in 2020 as a teacher Creative Marketing & Sales. He graduated his BA  Advertising (WdKA) with the project Twittersong and The Cloud Decoded, which focussed on the environmental impact of digital design and behaviour in 2016. He now focusses on Digital Responsibility as a broader term and has been sharing his research via his Instagram, Twitter and international conferences.

Date & time

26 October 2020 | 10.00 - 11.00 a.m.

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