Design Competition Rainbow Flag

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is an inclusive school, where everyone is welcome and can be who they are. But for some groups, such as the LGTBI+ community, social emancipation is not a natural thing. We want to show them extra support on 11 October, Coming Out Day. This year instead of a pennant, we will have a unique Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Rainbow Flag, designed by someone from our own organisation.

    In total 26 students and lecturers sent in a design. The jury selected the designs of Annelies Vaandrager and René Huitema for the finals. At that time 494 people cast a vote on one of those two entries. ‘Dynamic Identity’ won with a narrow majority. The flag designed by lecturer René Huitema turned out to be the winning design. His flag 'Dynamic Identity' was hoisted at several locations of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences on 11 October, Coming Out Day. René Huitema himself, together with Ron Bormans, Chairman of the Executive Board, hoisted the flag at our Museumpark location.

    “We are pleased with all the beautiful designs that students and staff of this organisation have sent in. What became evident from the corresponding texts is the respect and motivation that the designers have to engage in equality and inclusiveness."

    Loek van Buuren Chairman of the jury and chairman of HR Pride

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