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Master in Finance and Accounting fulltime

  • Duration and start date

    1 year, this programme will discontinue

  • Education type

    Fulltime Master

  • Language


As of September 2020, this programme will discontinue.

The goal of any enterprise is to create value for its stakeholders. Making the right financial decisions is essential for organisations to achieve the best possible results and to avoid unnecessary risks. The Master in Finance and Accounting enables you to build the knowledge and analytical skills you need to become a specialist in financial decision making aimed at steering organisations to success.

During this one-year Master in Finance and Accounting, which will discontinue as from September 2020, you will learn how to collect and open up all relevant financial information that a business needs to succeed, how to communicate with your stakeholders and how to take the lead in the process. You will be taught how to improve a business’s ability to withstand extreme or unforeseen events, allowing it to take advantage and respond confidently to unfolding opportunities. Finally, you will gain the skills to connect organisations, their data, people and processes.

This programme is part of Hogeschool Rotterdam Business School.

Attention! As of September 2020, this programme will discontinue. 

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