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Kenniscentrum RDM, Intercambios, UNISSULA, DEBS

The magazine showcases the experiences and knowledge gained during the minor International Cooperation and Sustainable Development.

Question asked

The international community faces many social, environmental and economic challenges. Our current way of problem solving however is inappropriate for realizing the intended objectives. Contemporary problems require new, innovative solutions developed through applied research and based on values, knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior emerging from the principles of sustainable development. Working towards resiliency from the perspective of social, environmental and economic justice creates opportunities for finding such solutions.


The need for solutions based on the principles of sustainability, inclusion and resiliency combined with the importance of international knowledge exchange means that future professionals need to become world citizens with innovative, international and intercultural competencies. To stimulate this our Dutch students were send all over the world, to New York, Brazil, Cape Verde, Rotterdam and Indonesia, to explore the possibilities for more resilient solutions and experience working with(in) other cultures.


The result of this project is applied research into a multitude of aspects concerning sustainable development. In addition to the research reports this beautiful collection of experiences, impressions and findings was made to share the knowledge gained during the minor, and show the lasting impression the project has had on the students.


  This project is durable.

Study programme(s)

  • Algemeen
  • Human Resource Management
  • Bedrijfskunde MER
  • Small Business and Retail Management
  • CommerciĆ«le Economie
  • Communicatie
  • Watermanagement
  • Civiele Techniek
  • Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling | Ruimtelijke Ordening en Planologie
  • Vastgoed en Makelaardij
  • Bouwkunde
  • Logistics Management
  • Culture en Maatschappelijke Vorming
  • International Business & Management Studies
  • International Business & Languages
  • Leisure Management




Jasminda Araujo, Chelsea Blaser, Tim Knoote, Charlene Pawiro, Suzan Reiling, Kimberley Visser


Marlies Bedeker, Hannah Beljaars, Leander Ernst, Miriam van Groen, Rick Heikoop, Annemarie Klok, Eva Leurink, Michael Meijer, Nadine Plomp, Charlotte Schmidt, Shy Shavit, Janneska Spoelman, Arjen van Susteren


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