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Programme costs

Tuition fee, books, readers and other materials

Tuition fee

Being a student of higher education means paying a study fee per academic year. A distinction is made between the statutory tuition fee and the institutional tuition fee.

Under certain conditions you are eligible for the statutory tuition fee. Please check the rules and rates (in Dutch) or use the tuition fee indicator (in Dutch).

In 2023-2024 the statutory fee amounts to:

  • € 2,314 or € 1,157 for a full-time study programme*

* Are you eligible for the statutory tuition fee and will you start a Bachelor or an Associate degree study programme in 2023-2024 for the first time, the tuition fee will be halved for the first year (in 2023-2024 you will pay € 1,157 instead of € 2,314). With regard to Teacher Training (teacher in primary or secondary education) this applies to the first two years. Please visit the special page of the central government (Rijksoverheid) website (only in Dutch) for more information and the conditions.

Some students need to pay the institutional tuition fee. This includes students who already have a degree of higher education or academic study and students from non-EEA countries.

Please check the rules and rates (in Dutch) or use the tuition fee indicator (in Dutch).

Additional study costs

The purchasing of books, readers and other course materials comes to an amount of € 300 to € 750 per year. As you are enrolled in an international programme you may expect to travel abroad during your studies for your placement or exchange. The costs for these trips depend on your destination, duration of your stay, price of accommodation and means of transport. Please note that you have to pay for these costs yourself in addition to your tuition fee.

Cost of living

In addition to study costs, you need to consider the cost of living and insurances. If you are going to rent a room, then that will be your largest expense. If you are going to live on your own, then you need to take into account the following average costs per month in euro (source: Nibud Student research 2022):

  • Room rent (average cost in The Netherlands): € 426 
  • Groceries: € 173
  • Study books and other course material: € 49
  • Transportation (in addition to public transportation (OV) card: € 72
  • Relaxation, recreation and sports: € 124
  • Clothes and shoes: € 53
  • Health insurance: € 115
  • Telephone: € 19

The amounts above are average for student expenses in The Netherlands. 

Do you want more information about the costs of studying? Please check the website of Nibud (only in Dutch). You can also find more info on room rent and the necessary (student) insurances.

Study financing

When you start a study programme, you may be eligible for study financing if you meet certain conditions. Study financing for higher education and university consists of different components. You can decide which components you apply for: a basic grant, supplementary grant, student travel product, interest-bearing loan, and tuition fees loan. The possibility of receiving a supplementary grant is dependent on parental income. You need to repay the loan after your studies. For complete information on study financing you may check Directorate DUO, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.


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