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Trial study 9: Business: Organisation & People

In the course Organisation & people, which is part of the Business track, you will learn the different aspects of working as a professional in an international environment. Topics such as organisational environment and management skills will be taught in this course to prepare you for your role as a future business professional.

In this video, our lecturer Evelien Kranenburg will give you a short introduction to the course and what you can expect from it.

Can you answer this question?

Why is strong culture likely to have a greater influence on employees compared to weak culture? 

Answer: Strong cultures - those in which the key values of an organization are deeply held and widely shared - have a greater influence on employees than weaker cultures. This is because the more the employees accept the organization’s key values and the greater their commitment to these values, the stronger the culture becomes. This in turn becomes a means for managers to plan, lead, organize, and control 

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