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Choose your own direction

In the last phase of your study, you can choose a minor. You can broaden your knowledge in the direction you choose. Following are some examples of minors you can choose from.

Risk and Investment Management

This minor deals with the international focus of Dutch SME's and the related judgment and decision making process. Students are challenged not only to look at the 'hard' business side of internationalisation strategies of Dutch SME's but also incorporate psychological influences into processes of judgment and decision making to achieve a better understanding of the choices made and the behavioural aspects that lead to these choices. To determine how successful the decision making strategy of many SMEs actually is, to what extent it has consequences for the value creating ability of the company and how it could be improved, this minor explores the frontiers where country risk assessment and psychology meet.

Finance and Accounting

This minor deals with corporate finance, accounting, risk management, corporate government and auditing, to give the student in-depth knowledge in the field of Finance & Accounting. These subjects are addressed from a national and international business perspective. Besides theory lessons, students will participate in projects. The projects will bring theory into practice and if possible, will be executed in cooperation with internationally oriented companies. In the project groups students will also be evaluated on communication, cooperation, leadership, planning, organising, creative problem solving, intercultural adaptability and learning and self development.

Logistics Management

Do you like being a happy customer? Do you like getting things done? Learn the tools and techniques logistics managers use to meet your expectations. The minor Logistics/ Supply Chain Management is about organising and controlling the flow of goods in and between organisations and across borders. Meaning, how, when and where to get things, while dealing with longer distances and international rules and regulations. If you have a hands-on mentality and like organisational matters, then logistics could be the field for you. Be the spider in the web and learn how to make logistics decisions quickly and efficiently.

Marketing Management

Students will face the challenge of establishing a marketing consulting bureau with fellow students. The core marketing expertise and identity of the bureau will be established in the first part of the minor. Concurrently, students will be engaged in the acquisition of a SME as a client for their consultancy. A client shall be acquired with a concurrent consultancy agreement in the form of a Project Initiation Document (PID). Besides acquiring a client themselves the students can also choose projects that they are interested in (provided by lecturers, either actual business cases or projects with related partner universities within the Netherlands or abroad). The business client will choose the group he/she would like to work with. During a sales pitch the students need to be able to sell their idea to the potential client.

Business Opportunities in Sustainability and Innovation

Students of this minor will work on a business case provided by a firm which operates internationally. Students work on the enhancement of performance of a company under global stress. Each business case is unique and will therefore require solid research in order to deliver sound results. Individual areas of research include financial, commercial, cultural, communication and high-tech disciplines. At the end of the minor students will deliver an advice to the chosen company.

International Human Resource Management

Human Resources (HR) is at the centre of business performance. HR professionals have an important role to play in driving decisions that enable their organisations to thrive in both the short and the longer term. Where in the past the function delivered the fundamentals that underpinned the employee lifecycle, supporting organisational performance is now the main theme running through the work of the HR professional. The Minor Programme International Human Resources Management (IHRM) is developed in close cooperation with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD); the world's largest Chartered Human Resources development professional body.

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