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International Business

International Business for Asia fulltime

Four-year bachelor in English, starts in September

International Business for Asia, part of the International Business programme, trains future managers who are well versed in all aspects of international business, with a special focus on Asia.

Doing business with Asia in the international market is an interesting but tough challenge. Many countries in Asia are becoming increasingly important trading partners. Therefore specialists are needed who are well equipped to take on this challenge. You will learn about the enormous diversity of other cultures and learn to deal with social and cultural differences in order to enter into trade relations with business partners worldwide.

Do you see your future in the world of international trade? You enjoy making new contacts. You are enterprising and can quickly and easily adapt to changing circumstances. Besides English you also want to learn Mandarin, Japanese or Indonesian. If so International Business for Asia, could be for you. Besides concepts such as business strategy, marketing, economics, cross-cultural management and finance, you will also receive training in selling techniques and negotiation skills.

An International Business for Asia graduate is flexible and ready to travel extensively in positions entailing frequent international contact. In many cases your home base will be outside the Netherlands. The International Business for Asia programme perfectly caters to this aspect by offering students the opportunity to participate in exchange programmes and placements in Asia.

Other International Business profiles

International Business is an English-taught business study programme with an emphasis on international trade and commerce.

International Business for Asia is one of the four profiles (differentiations) of International Business. Choose your own profile to focus on the aspects of international business that suit you best. The other profiles are:

Whichever profile you choose, you may expect to join an international classroom with students from all over the world. From day one, you will be trained to be business minded, interculturally aware and to have an entrepreneurial attitude.

This programme is part of Hogeschool Rotterdam Business School.

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International Business for Asia fulltime

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    This programme
    Nation wide

    Remarks by the Course Management

    The figures apply to the entire International Business programme. 'Studie in Cijfers' is not available for the separate profiles.

    Job opportunities

    1.5 years after obtaining degree




    Suitable work

    Programme structure

    A view of the study programme

    Vision on education

    Everyone is welcome at the study programmes of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Rotterdam). Students and lecturers all know each other and everyone is easy to find. Lecturers work very hard at guiding the students in their studies in a way that fits the student. This demands a sense of commitment and active participation. All of us shape our education.

    Characteristic for the education of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is the attention that is paid to:

    • A solid theoretical foundation for your profession
    • Working in the professional practice
    • Your own professional identity

    All these elements will be part of your study programme. Starting out the focus will be on your development and competencies, but then the professional practice will be introduced as well. You will learn to handle actual issues of the professional practice together with other students, lecturers, applied researchers, and professionals. At the start you will also receive plenty of guidance from your lecturer, but later you will work in a much more independent manner. During your studies you will learn a lot about yourself and discover your unique qualities as a professional.

    First year

    The first year is intended as an introduction to the study programme, its didactics and the profession it educates for. Each block of year 1 focuses on a practice-related dilemma. At the end of this year you will be able to serve as a bridge between Western and Asian companies. Thus you will establish what your added value is as an expert in international business with a special focus on Asia for both yourself and for prospective clients.

    After the first year

    In the second year you start and run your own international company, together with your fellow students. At the end of year 2 you liquidate this company; if all goes well, with a profit. A study exchange at one of our partner universities in Asia and a placement will be part of the main phase of your study programme. Both semesters in Asia are compulsory. Upon your return to the Netherlands the last semester of your training will be spent on your graduation project at a company doing business with Asia.

    Electives and support


    During your studies, you can choose several elective subjects. This gives you the opportunity to look beyond the boundaries of your own study programme and to give substance to your specific learning needs. Part of the programme is a placement in a company of your choice. Through a specialisation in the main phase of studies, you choose a specific profile that allows you to differentiate yourself. With your graduation assignment you give a personal touch to your education.


    Every student is unique and has his own ideas about what he wants to achieve during his studies. We will support you by making you aware of your abilities, opportunities and challenges. Sometimes, during or even before the start of your study programme it becomes clear that you are struggling with a particular subject. It will be useful to brush up your knowledge in that area. As a student you will be assigned a coach (a lecturer) who will guide you and who will monitor your progress. It is also possible to ask for a peer coach, a senior student who trains younger year students.

    Studying with a disability

    If you have a disability and therefore require some extra facilities, we offer various options (information in Dutch).


    In the first semester of the third year, you will follow a specialisation: exporting and outsourcing to Asia. You will provide advice to a company wishing to export to Asia. The study programme will help you on your way with subjects such as law, strategic marketing and industry analysis.


    After completing the study programme abroad in the third year you will stay in Asia another 14 weeks for your placement.

    Watch the video below to find out how Rick Goos experienced his placement at the cargo service company 'Send from Bali'.

    Fast track

    Aside from the regular four-year programme, we offer a three-year learning track specifically for students with previous education at Dutch pre-university level (VWO) or a similar foreign diploma. 

    For this three-year Fast track, the International Business programmes work together, resulting in mixed classes. The Fast track programme consists of intensive English-taught courses, in which theory is discussed in the context of the business practice.


    An indication of the subjects you can expect

    Type of education

    Structure of the study programme
    4 days classes per week
    18 self-study hours per week
    4 days classes per week
    18 self-study hours per week

    After your graduation

    Various possibilities

    After your graduation

    After completion of your studies, you will receive your Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. You will also receive a supplement: a DS-label. With this English document, you can show the value of your degree abroad when you apply for further study or when you look for a job.

    If you participate in the honours programme, you will also receive an honours degree.

    Career opportunities

    After graduation, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for a career as a management professional with commercial responsibilities. You will be able to make the connection between European and Asian cultures which will make you an attractive candidate to companies, institutions, institutes or governments in Asia, or in fact any organisation in the world where they will be responsible for dealing with Asia or with certain Asian countries or regions. Upon successful completion of this study programme the International Business for Asia graduate may be self-employed or may hold one of the following positions in the business world:

    • Regional Manager
    • Export or Import Manager
    • Sales Manager/Commercial Manager
    • Account Manager
    • Government function (embassy, consulate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
    • Consultant/Advisor

    The main problem areas which the International Business for Asia graduate will deal with may vary but often include: dealing with language and cultural differences, decisionmaking in negotiations (culture, values/norms), dealing with local business partners (expectations, type of management, investments and risks), solving logistical bottlenecks in trade over long distances or problems with the quality of processes and products due to different cultural concepts.

    Continue your studies

    Many students start working after finishing their bachelor studies. However you may also choose to continue your studies at Master level. For example

    Current labour market

    Source: national figures HBO-Monitor 2018


    Where will you study?

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