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International Business

International Business & Supply Chain Management fulltime

Four-year bachelor in English, starts in September

International Business & Supply Chain Management, part of the International Business programme, trains you to become an international business professional in logistics and supply chain management.

How is it possible you can buy very cheap clothes in some stores? Is 3D printing just another emerging technology or is it rapidly changing the way we do business? What does it take for companies to keep you a satisfied costumer in the ever changing global business environment? These and other questions lie at the heart of International Business & Supply Chain Management.

Supply chain management is all about the management of the flow of goods and services, from the raw material to the consumer goods you can find in stores. When working in supply chain management you will contribute your personal ideas and experiences to the job, working with colleagues and clients to develop innovative supply chain solutions that support clients' business objectives and give them a competitive edge. International Business & Supply Chain Management is unique in that it offers you a cross-disciplinary education, combining the core topics of logistics and supply chain management, in alignment with other core business disciplines, i.e. marketing & sales, finance & accounting, human resource management and ICT. Our lecturers from the professional field will teach you how to manage demand driven supply chains, as well as of the tools needed to analyse, develop and change them. This includes a course dedicated to Lean Six Sigma (including an official Yellow Belt diploma).

Other International Business profiles

International Business is an English-taught business study programme with an emphasis on international trade and commerce.

International Business & Supply Chain Management is one of the four profiles (differentiations) of International Business. Choose your own profile to focus on the aspects of international business that suit you best. The other profiles are:

Whichever profile you choose, you may expect to join an international classroom with students from all over the world. From day one, you will be trained to be business minded, interculturally aware and to have an entrepreneurial attitude.

This programme is part of Hogeschool Rotterdam Business School.

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International Business & Supply Chain Management fulltime

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    This programme
    Nation wide
    Student satisfaction
    This programme 3.7 average, 1371 respondents
    Nation wide 3.8 average, 6601 respondents
    Aantal 1e jaars
    Number of first-year students
    This programme 1027
    Nation wide 262
    Contacttijd 1e jaar
    Contact hours in the first year
    This programme 18-24
    Nation wide 18-24
    Doorstroom 2e jaar
    Advancement to second year
    This programme 65%
    Nation wide 59%
    Degree obtained within 5 years
    This programme
    This programme 33%
    Hbo-bachelor's degree or higher 39%
    Nation wide
    Follow-up education
    This programme 23%
    Nation wide 16%

    Remarks by the Course Management

    The figures apply to the entire International Business programme. 'Studie in Cijfers' is not available for the separate profiles.

    Group 4

    Job opportunities

    1.5 years after obtaining degree




    Suitable work

    Programme structure

    A view of the study programme

    Vision on education

    Everyone is welcome at the study programmes of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Rotterdam). Students and lecturers all know each other and everyone is easy to find. Lecturers work very hard at guiding the students in their studies in a way that fits the student. This demands a sense of commitment and active participation. All of us shape our education.

    Characteristic for the education of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is the attention that is paid to:

    • A solid theoretical foundation for your profession
    • Working in the professional practice
    • Your own professional identity

    All these elements will be part of your study programme. Starting out the focus will be on your development and competencies, but then the professional practice will be introduced as well. You will learn to handle actual issues of the professional practice together with other students, lecturers, applied researchers, and professionals. At the start you will also receive plenty of guidance from your lecturer, but later you will work in a much more independent manner. During your studies you will learn a lot about yourself and discover your unique qualities as a professional.

    First year

    During your first year you will get a clear view of the study programme, its goals, and the professional field. In-class-cases, flipped classrooms, group discussions, professional literature and vlogs of both lecturers and students provide the basis for applying the principles learned.

    You will learn to think as a 21st-century refelective business professional. You will also get a first insight in the workings of effective and efficient supply chain management, by looking at best practices in transportation, urban distribution, warehousing and port management.

    After the first year

    The knowledge and skills you obtain during the first year will be the foundation for the following years. The second year combines in-depth international business themes with related projects. You will learn to think strategically and receive training in communication, negotiation, leadership and personal development skills. The third year starts with a placement period at a company in the Netherlands or abroad. The placement will offer you the chance to sample working in the field of your interest, learn about business etiquette and intercultural communication, and test the knowledge and skills you’ve mastered so far. After your placement you will continue following the International Business & Supply Chain programme in Rotterdam. The fourth year comprises a one-semester study-abroad period or a minor programme, and a thesis semester researching a business-related problem for a company.

    Electives and support


    During your studies, you can choose several elective subjects. This gives you the opportunity to look beyond the boundaries of your own study programme and to give substance to your specific learning needs. Part of the programme is a placement in a company of your choice. Through a specialisation in the main phase of studies, you choose a specific profile that allows you to differentiate yourself. With your graduation assignment you give a personal touch to your education.


    Every student is unique and has his own ideas about what he wants to achieve during his studies. We will support you by making you aware of your abilities, opportunities and challenges. Sometimes, during or even before the start of your study programme it becomes clear that you are struggling with a particular subject. It will be useful to brush up your knowledge in that area. As a student you will be assigned a coach (a lecturer) who will guide you and who will monitor your progress. It is also possible to ask for a peer coach, a senior student who trains younger year students.

    Studying with a disability

    If you have a disability and therefore require some extra facilities, we offer various options (information in Dutch).


    The third year starts with a placement period at a company in the Netherlands or abroad. The placement will offer you the chance to sample working in the field of your interest, learn about business etiquette and intercultural communication, and test the knowledge and skills you have mastered so far.

    After your graduation

    Various possibilities

    After your graduation

    After completion of your studies you will receive an International Business diploma, issued by Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. You will also receive a supplement: a DS-label. With this English document, you can show the value of your degree abroad when you apply for further study or when looking for a job.

    If you participated in the honours programme, you will also receive an honours degree.

    Career opportunities

    Positions in logistics and supply chain management are highly demanding and challenging, in part because logistics and supply chain professionals need to be both a specialist and a generalist. As a generalist, professionals must understand the relationship between logistics and supply chain management and other corporate functions, both within and outside the firm. As a specialist, professionals in this field must understand the relationships between various logistics and supply chain activities and must have the technical knowledge of the various activities.

    Typical activities

    You might closely work together in a team of international colleagues and multinational clients to develop innovative global supply chain solutions that support clients' business objectives and give them a competitive edge; you might play a key role in developing winning value propositions to support the growth of existing accounts and to attract new business from strategic pursuits; you might also play a key role in advising leading multinationals in designing and implementing strategic, tactical and operational changes in their fulfilment operation.

    Employment perspective

    The job market for professionals in the field of logistics and supply chain management continues to be strong at both bachelor and master levels. Employment in the field of logistics and supply chain management is expected to increase by 20% through 2025. Positions include, but are not limited to, Logistics Analyst, Business Consultant, Supply Chain Manager, Operations Manager, Procurement Manager CS.

    Continue your studies

    After graduating from International Business & Supply Chain Management, you can consider continuing your studies in our Master in Logistics Management.

    Current labour market

    Source: national figures HBO-Monitor 2016


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