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If you want to study International Business & Languages at the Business School you will learn two foreign languages. You will choose one on high level and one on medium level.

High level

The high level track starts at A2.2 level, which means that you must already know the basics of that language.

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages at level A2.1 you:

  • Have had around 180-200 hours of language acquisition
  • Understand sentences and expressions that are related to topics as for example personal information, shopping, geography, professions. 
  • Are able to communicate in simple and routine tasks such as asking for directions, ordering at a restaurant, give advice.  
  • Are able to describe, in simple terms, aspects of your background: who you are, nationality, where you live, family, etc., and be able to talk about the past, health, holidays, eating habits, etc. . 

All high level language classes will be taught in the target language. If you for example choose German as your high level language the lecturer will only speak German in class! After four years you will have  reached at least a CEFR level B2.2 on all skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking). It is advised to choose your best language on high level. The high level offers three options: German, French and Spanish. 

Medium level

The medium level track starts at absolute beginners' level. At the end of the medium level track you will have reached at least a CEFR level B1. The medium level also offers three options: German, French and Spanish.

Choosing your languages 

After you have applied you will get more information on the language selection. Mother languages are excluded from choosing. If you have a second mother language next to Dutch, this is excluded from your options for language selection.

If you are in doubt whether you are at the right language level please do one of these tests: 

Fast track (three-year programme)

In the fast-track programme you have the opportunity to follow Dutch, Spanish and Mandarin. After your enrolment you receive more information about the options for joining the IBL fast-track programme. 


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