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International Finance & Accounting

Get in-depth knowledge in the field of Finance & Accounting.

Overall at the end of the Minor International Finance and Accounting students should be able to:

  • Comprehensively evaluate financial performance of the company and its responsibility centers from different stakeholders’ perspective, applying advanced tools of financial analysis.
  • Evaluate existing management control systems, including performance measurement, incentive and management compensation systems from the perspective of their ability to support the implementation of company’s strategy and achievement of goals.
  • Apply and evaluate the effects of the accounting systems differences on the process of company valuation.
  • Apply and analyze concepts and models of traditional corporate finance and alternative finance to make a contribution to strategic financing decisions
  • Explore the risks involved in using innovative financing for SME’s
  • Illustrate how the auditing process contributes to a fair view of the financial statements and to fraud protection
  • Create (design and produce) a report providing recommendations for dealing with finance and accounting challenges in the real life cases (company or organizations), by conducting comprehensive, business, strategic, accounting and financial analysis and evaluation.
  • Critically reflect on the process of working in the group and creating a report for the innovative project and come up with the ways for its improvement.

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