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The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences brings different worlds together. The worlds of future teachers, researchers, support staff and managers who aren’t afraid to choose a career in education. The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences offers a great place to work for professionals, with 39.000 students and close to 4000 employees. Using the city of Rotterdam as our playground, we offer a home to more than 100 nationalities. Under the same roof, we all share the same drive: we are here every day to help our students and each other grow.

The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has 13 educational institutes, which all have a different focus or specialty. In total, these institutes hold 95 study programs. The Rotterdam Academy is an exception to the rule. Associate Degrees are practical, two-year HBO programs. Our most important target group are MBO-students who want to broaden their knowledge and develop their skills in higher education. This is the expertise of the Rotterdam Academy: we know how to help the MBO-student make the transfer to higher education, a step that he/she wouldn’t have been able to make without the possibility of an Associate Degree which combines practical and theoretical knowledge.

Do you want to contribute to the development and personal growth of our students?


Glad that you found us on this page! We are looking for a Teacher of English (0,6 fte). Hopefully we are one step closer to find each other!

Well, let’s cut to the chase and talk about what qualities and competencies we are looking for and most importantly, our ambitions:

Our first ambition is that our students are able to write and speak business English professionally when they graduate. It is a tall order given the fact that English is not their mother tongue and they have to achieve B2 level in a short period of time.

As for the second ambition, we aspire to be the leading example of all business English courses in the Netherlands for HBO level students. In order to achieve this, we are working rigorously on the improvement of content so that it reflects what is actually demanded at workplace. Also, we pay close attention to their ways of learning English and come up with different strategies in our teaching process. This is really important to us because we would like them to become our course ambassadors and endorse our program to other potential students.

Intrigued? Good! This is the spirit we like. It is without a doubt a journey full of challenges and we are inviting you to share your passion and insights to motivate and inspire our students so that they could achieve their language goals and acquire necessary business skills.


The followings are other qualities and competencies we would like you to have:

  • Team Player: we discuss teaching content regularly and share information and tips with each other to improve the learning experience of our students;
  • Expertise: at least 2-3 years of experience in teaching HBO level English, preferably have knowledge in these areas: business administration, project management, HRM and creative leadership;
  • Growth Mindset: You are constantly searching for creative ways to better yourself and your way of teaching; In addition, you can adapt quickly to different study needs and design contents accordingly.
  • Connection with Students: You are authentic and reliable; Students trust your guidance/ interactive teaching methods in their learning process. 
  • In addition to the above a master degree is required.


In return, we create an encouraging environment for you to develop your skills and teaching methods. We are attentive and fun to work with, of course, we also offer good monthly salary in scale 10 that ranges from €2.769,32 minimum and €4.192,37 maximum per month (bruto, full time employment) exclusive of 8% holiday pay and 8,3% bonus at the end of the year. The one year contract (D3) starts August 26th and can be extended if both parties can come to an agreement.

To be able to submit a certificate of good behaviour (VOG) is a requirement for employment at Hogeschool Rotterdam.


If you are interested, just contact our educational coordinators Rens Rietveld ( or Suzanne Koster ( Can’t wait to hear from you!

On-line applications through our own website in English only.

Please do not make use of this vacancy as an acquisition opportunity.

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