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International Week of Risk Management Gaming

7 - 11 November 2016

Risk management has become more necessary as a tool to keep organisations alive. This was proven by several financial scandals back in the 1990s, but especially since the 2007 credit crisis. Getting staff involved in the risk management process is key to successfully assessing and mitigating risks, hence modules on risk management are offered in higher education.

Risk management education has steadily improved over the years, though seems to lack games (software supported simulation) as a teaching method. Educational games improve learning through peer interaction, critical thinking, decision-making and improve the effectiveness of the learning process. Together with business school Banku Augstskola from Latvia and the faculty of Electronics and Informatics of Vilniaus Kolegija from Lithuania, the PERM project was initiated. The goal of this project is to develop an educational risk management game, for which an Erasmus+ grant was obtained in 2015. Through organising a total of 3 International Weeks of Risk Management Gaming (IWOR), the developed game can be tested by students and improved gradually by using students’ feedback.

Besides testing the game and learning risk management through this process, students will also develop soft skills, such as working together with international peers and speaking in English.

For who?

In every edition of IWOR, a total of 36 students from Latvia, Lithuania and The Netherlands will play and test the risk management game. We are still looking for students of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences to join the IWORs. 

As the PERM project is an Erasmus+ subsidised project, students participating in the IWOR will receive 2 ECTS. Towards which course these credits count (e.g. elective or main study programme) depends on your study, but can be discussed. A budget for activities is also provided by Erasmus+. 

To participate, contact Vincent Versluis

When and where?

Date: from 7 November to 11 November
Location: Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Museumpark 40, 3015 CX, Rotterdam

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