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Design Competition Rainbow Flag

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is an inclusive school, where everyone is welcome and can be who they are. But for some groups, such as the LGBTI+ community, social emancipation in society is not a natural thing. We want to show extra support to this group on Coming Out Day on 11 October. Not with a rainbow pennant, but with a unique Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences rainbow flag designed by someone from our own organisation.

That could be you! Join the rainbow flag design competition and submit your design before 20 September. What should the rainbow flag of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences look like according to you? The design must visibly include the rainbow spirit and the values of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, such as inclusiveness, to be able to be as you are and respect each other.

We also want to see the rainbow colours and the logo of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in the design. The winner will raise the flag, of their own design, on the roof of this university of applied sciences on 11 October in an official moment. How cool is that?

About the designcontest

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Important dates

2 sept – 19 september:
Submit design

27 september:
Anouncement of the winning flag

11 oktober:
Hoist the flag on coming out day

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